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The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) program, introduced in 2076 by TU, is a newly established degree that centers around information technology concepts, skills, and practices. This program adopts a Grading System, which proves advantageous for students aspiring to pursue further education, such as a Master's degree, in foreign countries. Notably, the GPA conversion is automatically handled, alleviating the complexity of manual conversion that often poses challenges for students. 

                    Throughout the course curriculum, students are exposed to a wide array of subjects, including various programming languages spanning from foundational to advanced levels. These languages encompass a spectrum from the fundamental principles of C programming to comprehensive coverage of object-oriented programming languages, as well as in-depth explorations of Data Structures and Algorithms. The curriculum also delves into the intricacies of both frontend and backend development, among other pertinent topics.

                One of the distinctive features of this program is its pragmatic approach to education. Theoretical concepts are not only comprehensively studied but are also actively applied in practical, real-world scenarios relevant to the industry. This dual emphasis on theoretical understanding and hands-on experience ensures that graduates are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the IT field upon completion of the program. 

            The BIT program stands out for its commitment to fostering holistic competence. Graduates emerge equipped with the proficiency to immediately contribute in professional contexts and continue their exploration and growth beyond the boundaries of the formal curriculum. Subsequently, those with substantial experience can readily secure employment, capitalizing on the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their studies.

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Here are the list of all TU affiliated BIT College  in Nepal with their numbers of Seats

1.Central Campus of Technology, Dharan-14 Hattisar(36 Seats)

2.Mahendra Morang Adarsh Multiple Campus Biratnagar(36 Seats)
3.Degree Campus Biratnagar(36 Seats)
4.Mahendra Bindeshwori Multiple Campus Rajbiraj(36 Seats)
5.Ramsorup Ramsagar Multiple Campus Janakpur(36 Seats)
6.Thakur Ram Multiple Campus Birgunj(36 Seats)
7.Birendra Multiple Campus Bharatpur(36 Seats)
8.Siddhanath Science Campus, Mahendranagar(36 Seats)
9.Mahendra Multiple Campus, Nepalgunj(36 Seats)
10.Amrit Science Campus Lainchour(36 Seats)
11.Patan Multiple Campus,Patandhoka-(72 Seats)
12.Bhaktapur Multiple Campus,Bhaktapur(36 Seats)
13.Padmakanya Multiple Campus,Bagbazar(36 Seats)
14.Bhairahawa Multiple Campus,Bhairahawa(36 Seats)
15.Suryanarayan Satyanarayan Morbaita Yadav Multiple Campus (SSMYMC),Siraha(36 Seats)

                        Total Seats-576

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