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Study material for BSC.CSIT 2nd sem


Hello and namaste to all of my friends.Today I am here to help you in your study. I will provide you all the Study material of BSC.CSIT 2nd sem.I know you are feeling boring during lockdown.

             While  the notice of TU University  the dean has instruct to various Campus to run online class of different faculties like BBA,BIT,BCA,CSIT etc and master level too. When the dean instruct to various campus about online class  all the students are searching note and books in website.

            Some Campus are running online class of BSC.CSIT 2nd sem.students are not getting notes ,books in the form of pdf. Even some of friends are searching books,notes,and question collection of BSC.CSIT 2nd sem in website.To make easy for you here you will find Microsyllable ,Notes(handwritten and books), even question collection(including 2075question paper). If you don't know how many and  what are those subjects which we are studying in 2nd sem.Don't be overexciting, I will tell you each and everything.

The subjects which we are going to study in 2nd sem are given below with images and publication too

1. Math-II book

Chapter-1 link:https://tunepal

  1. Microprocesssor

  1. Object oriented programming(C++)

  1. Statistics 

  1. Discrete structure

I will provide you Google Drive link which you will find all the study material of BSC.CSIT 2nd sem.



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