Discrete Structure Complete Handwritten Notes

          Discrete Structure Handwritten Notes

Here is the complete handwritten note of Discrete Structure(DS) of BSc.CSIT 2nd sem , BIT & BCA.In this note u will find important questions along with past year questions solutions and for video check it out GUPTA TUTORIAL Channel which I provide the link below;check it once.You will also find chapter-wise important questions video along with past year questions video and many more just check it out link below;

For videos, follow this youtube channel 👇️👇️👇️

Chapter-wise important question video 👇️👇️👇️

Discrete Structure playlist 👇️👇️👇️

2075 & 2076 Solution(Bsc.CSIT 2nd Sem) 👇️👇️👇️


Here is the Discrete Structure Handwritten pdf link 👇️👇️

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