Installing Windows

 I am sharing my experience with you about installing new windows. why I installed windows? what I make mistakes while installing windows? What are the things to take care of while installing windows?


          You can install windows whether on your laptop or desktop computer. In this blog, you are going to know  what  I made mistake while installing  windows and what are the things to remember while installing windows

During Dashain Vacation I started installing windows on my laptop which I have used Windows 10 pro: because my laptop is very slow and the function doesn't work properly even though I have used antivirus on the laptop. Then I have decided to install new windows which I am trying to install windows 10 Home. Then I go to a mobile/laptop shop to buy a Windows DVD/CD. In the mobile/laptop shop, you can buy any kind of windows DVD/CD or you can also find on google too. After buying the DVD/CD  I just put it on the DVD/CD driver. Then I have shut down my laptop. After that, I open my laptop and pressing the ESC button after pressing the ESC button you have to see an interface like f9,f10,f11 out of these you have to choose f9. After pressing the f9 button you have to choose Drive 'C'. In Drive 'C', all the programs/Software are store. Be careful while selecting Drive. If you select other Drive, all the files, folders, documents, will be deleted. So inorder to make files, folders, documents, safety  you have to select the right Drive. If you are installing new windows for the first time then, It will take a minimum of 20/30min to install new windows on your laptop or Desktop computer.

     After completing this process: congrats you have successfully install new windows on your laptop/Desktop computer.

If you face any kind of problem while installing new windows just knock me on Facebook,Instagram I will try to solve your problem

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