How I start Learning Web Development ?


Why do you want to be Web development

Hello Everyone ,it's me Pravin Gupta.I am here to say something about why i choose Web development during lockdown. Web development is most important for those peoples who wants to built own website. I want to be web development because it is important in future and also a popular for building website. When I am learning Python language during lockdown time.My brother told me that do yo know how to creat website? I told him, yeah I will creat website after that I have to study those languages which are used to creat website. Then he said to me to creat website for his company.I replied him ,ok i will creat website for your company for that your company should pay to me for buying domain like .com,.net etc and I also said to him you should pay some fee for my hardwork that's money is for my pocket money.

Again One of my friends told me that you know very well how to creat website as you are a students of IT. I replied him yes I know how to creat website for that you have to pay money for buying domain like .com,.net etc. I told each and everything to my friends which i have told to my brother. Both of them are agree to my point.Then,I started learning. I asked to my friend.Do you know how to creat website he replied me No i don't know. I asked him because both of them are in hurry for creating website as i told him I will try to finish in few days but it take some time to complet it but he said to me creat website in few days that's why i asked to him.I also asked him which language is used to creat website.He replied me which type of website do you want to built frontend or backend. I again asked him what do you mean by frontend and backend? He replied me Html,CSS,Java script is used for frontend and Django,PHP is for backend. He clarify my doubt.He advice me to first start with Html then i started learning.And i asked to him what are you learning after finishing Python language.He also decided to learn Web development. That's good news for us when we face difficulty we solve eachother.

I am very lucky to have friend like you .It is difficult to have friend as a foreigner.He is from Bangladesh. He always told me that we are same in every sector such as studying. I am studing Bsc.CSIT in Nepal.He is from engineering faculty and Telecommunication Engineering Department. But there is only difference in time.I mean, when the time is 6:00 O'clock in my country But in Bangladesh it is 6:15.Hence,we conclude that the time is fast as compared Nepal

I am greatful to you Bipronath Saha.
Stay Safe
Stay happy

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  1. It is a small suggestion from me that you should try to correct your grammar in the title as well as your writings through grammarly or chatgpt to refine your website articles. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading your raw articles. Keep working on them and wish you a great future!