BSC.CSIT and class 12(Science)

This is for Bachelor of Science,Computer Science and Information Technology(BSC.CSIT)

Notice of BSC.csit:

Hey According to the notice from Dean office of TU, exam will start from second weeks of Bhadra.Exam shedual will published later.All the students should focus on their study.If you needs any kind of help just text me.I will help you.

Hey everyone,How is  your exam preparations going on . I know your are buzy in your study when the TU and NEB  exam notice has published. Keep focus on your study .Today I am  here to help you in study. Don't be  worry I will guide you each and every thing which type of question asked in exam ,which question is important ,which chapters should focus more to get pass marks  not only pass marks .I think you will get good marks in your exam.


                In this year the question pattern may be  change.Question may not be difficulty you should  focus on important question as you have already question bank with you .If you haven't question bank with you I will provide link of Physics important question for class 12 and CSIT(1st sem) students , also I will provide you link of Math important question for CSIT(1st sem) students .If you need any kind of help from my side.Feel easy to ask anything related to only subject matter not others things .

Physics important question for CSIT Link:

Math important question for CSIT Link:

Physics important question for class 12 link:s

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